Florida Institute of Oceanography

Mission & Organization

FLRACEP’s mission, organization and policies are described in the Program Rules and Policies.


flracep org as of 12/9/15 As presented in the Rules and Policies, the FLRACEP organization includes the following elements:

FIO Director-- responsible for program funds and performance, transactions (e.g., audits) and liaison with Department of Treasury
RACEP Director-- reports (e.g., annual Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council update, Treasury semi-annual); Strategic Plan; coordination of competitive selection process for Center of Excellence grants; CE award terms and conditions; monitoring performance; and coordination with other Gulf restoration programs; represent the FLRACEP Centers of Excellence (CEs) on regional coordination activities (e.g., NOAA RESTORE Science Program advisory working group, group 1).
Data Manager-- ensures research data generated during RACEP activities is properly archived and accessible via the Gulf Research Initiative Information and Data Cooperative (GRIIDC) data.gulfresearchinitiative.org.

CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE (CE): Centers of Excellence (CE) grantees produce outputs and outcomes that address FLRACEP mission; activities carried out in accordance with guidelines and requirements as defined in Rules and Policies, Requests for Proposals (RFPs), and award terms and conditions.

PROGRAM MANAGEMENT TEAM: PMT includes the FIO Director and other senior-level advisors appointed by the FIO Director, based on their knowledge of FL regional science, technology and management needs; not eligible to submit or participate on FLRACEP grant or contract proposals. Tasks include to review and approve: FLRACEP Rules and Policies; Requests for Proposals (RFP); CE grant Letters of Intent (LoI) and Final Proposals; program plans and reports, e.g., mandated annual report to the RESTORE Act Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council.

SCIENCE REVIEW PANEL: SRP is an ad hoc team of science and technology experts not involved in any FLRACEP proposals, from in and outside Florida, responsible for technical review of CE grant proposals. Panelists are nominated by the FLRACEP Director and reviewed by the PMT. Members change based on RFP priorities.

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