Florida Institute of Oceanography

Vision and Mission Statements

Vision Statement:

The Florida Institute of Oceanography (FIO) will become a global leader in coastal oceanographic research and education. The FIO will facilitate and support Florida’s emergence as the preeminent state in the nation for understanding ocean processes and how they control economically essential natural resources and contribute to natural and man-made hazards.

Mission Statement:

The FIO mission is to (1) provide a diverse and collaborative statewide forum addressing problems of concern in coastal oceanographic research and education; (2) leverage and integrate existing physical and intellectual resources within the State University System (SUS) and throughout Florida; (3) anticipate and plan for future infrastructure needs; (4) facilitate, promote and support collaborative ocean-related research and education statewide; and (5) develop and strengthen networks that enable timely identification of oceanographic research opportunities and distribution of research results and other information to the general public, natural resource management agencies and local, state and national policymakers.

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