Florida Institute of Oceanography

2016 Annual Meeting

FLRACEP 2016 Annual All-Hands Meeting

October 27-28, TradeWinds Island Resorts, St. Pete Beach, FL

PURPOSE: RFP I CE progress report for year 1 activities, RFP II CE kick-off, Q&A with PMT, promote collaborations, address concerns.


Oct 27:

AM: Dr. Phil Kramer, FIO Director: Welcome, introductions

Libby Fetherston-Resch, FLRACEP Director: FLRACEP mission, vision, overview of how 2015-2017 and 2016-2018 Centers of Excellence Grantees fit into this vision

RFP I CE grant overviews: Science, technology innovations, novel insights to date, challenges, and anticipated broader impacts:
(note that these presentations represent preliminary information and are subject to change)

Examining Fisheries Impact of Invasive Lionfish
Primary Investigator: Allen, UF

Biological & Economic Indicators for Assessing Recreational Fisheries
Primary Investigator: Ault, UM

Demonstration of Fisheries Assessment Applications for Underwater Gliders
Primary Investigator: Lembke, USF

Improving the Use of Products Derived From Monitoring Data in Ecosystem Models in the Gulf of Mexico
Primary Investigator: Babcock UM

Informing Fishery–Independent Reef Fish Surveys Through Advanced Survey Techniques
Primary Investigator: Boswell, FIU

PM: RFP I CE grant overviews (cont.)

Evaluating Fish Production and Ecosystem Impacts of Artificial Reefs
Primary Investigator: Caffrey, UWF

Monitoring Oil Spill Effects and Recovery in Large Deep-Sea Fishes
Primary Investigator: Grubbs, FSU

Egg and Larval DNA Barcoding to Support Gulf Reef-Fish Stock Assessments
Primary Investigator: Peebles, USF

Ontogenetic Shifts in Sea Turtle Habitat
Primary Investigator: Mansfield, UCF

Habitat Mapping to Inform Future Survey Efficiencies, Management Strategies and Climate Change Research
Primary Investigator: Walker, NSU

RFP II CE grant overview, science and innovation, expected outcomes, long-term monitoring application (20 min followed by 10 min Q&A)

Additional Program Management Team Q/A with CEs

E. Fetherston-Resch – FLRACEP requirement round-up: COI, Environmental Checklist, Data Management Plan

Adjourn [PMT homework: Review recommended program document edits (bylaws, rules and policies, etc. will be passed out), provide revisions]

Reception and best student poster award

Oct 28:

AM:E. Fetherston-Resch – update on Gulf-wide coordination activities, opportunities for FLRACEP CE collaboration and coordination; options for amplifying/exporting/ transmitting FLRACEP results, methods, lessons learned, etc. to broader community (AFS Tampa session? GOMOSES session? Glossy FIO magazine?)

CE expectations for year 2 – results, publications, etc.

PM: Coastal and Ocean Monitoring in Florida: Evaluating the Landscape (potential COOS-related guest speaker/staff presentation)

Additional Presentations

Hernando County Aquatics Services and Waterways

Spawning habitat and Early-Life Linkages to Fisheries (SHELF)
Primary Investigator: Peebles, USF

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