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RV Price Ship Specifications

The R/V Price is suited for many different missions. The boat can be reconfigured to perform diving operations, geological surveying, littoral/shallow water mapping, surveying with externally mounted devices and/or with its side scan quad beam sonar. The Price is also equipped with a davit with electric hoist that is capable of retrieving equipment up to 500 pounds.


Name: R/V Price
Type: Diving, mapping, surveying, Education and Research
Registration: United States registered vessel, homeport is Bayboro Harbor St. Petersburg, Fl.


  • LOA: 24' 11" (25ft)
  • Beam: 9' 6"
  • Draft: 12"
  • Gross Weight: 6200 lbs
  • Cruising Speed: 26 knots
  • Maneuvering Speed: 20 knots
  • Cruising Range: 100 miles, but further if fitted with external auxiliary fuel tanks
  • Endurance: 24 hours, average work day 8-12 hours
  • Crew Berths: none, although there is a day cabin with v-berthing and a toilet

Boat Equipment

  • 225 HP Suzuki 4 stroke engine
  • 110 gallon primary fuel capacity/ 22 gallon auxiliary fuel tank
  • 110v 3KWH Honda Generator
  • 110v electrical system with several conveniently located electrical sockets
  • Air conditioned cockpit and cabin
  • Proper lighting and equipment for nighttime operations
  • 6 dive tank holders, additional space for storage of spare scuba tank cylinders

Onboard Communication/Electronics Equip:

  • Standard Horizon GX-1600 VHF radio
  • Si-Tex T-760 Radar with 24 mile range
  • Humminbird 1199HI SD chart plotter/GPS/Side scan sonar (with data recording capabilities)
  • weather station
  • 406 MHz EPIRB, Emergency Position Indicating Radiobeacon (EPIRB)
  • lightning detector

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