Worthy, Graham

Graham Worthy is a University of Central Florida (UCF) Pegasus Professor, Provosts Distinguished Professor of Biology and the Hubbs-SeaWorld Endowed Professor of Marine Mammalogy. He is also the Chair of the Department of Biology, Director of the Sustainable Coastal Systems initiative and Director of the Physiological Ecology and Bioenergetics Lab in the Department of Biology.

Worthy holds a B.Sc. in Zoology from the University of Guelph in Ontario Canada, as well as a M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Environmental Physiology from the same institution. The ultimate goal of his research program is to better understand marine ecosystem function, and ultimately ocean health, by examining the interrelationships between different species and how those species respond to natural and anthropogenic perturbations. His research lab is actively engaged in the emerging field of Conservation Physiology which explores how species respond to natural and anthropogenic perturbations and attempts to determine the ecophysiological constraints dictated by current conditions and future environmental change. Employing ecological and physiological theory, his program takes a multidisciplinary, integrative approach that incorporates both field and laboratory based research and ultimately explores the linkage between environmental change and ecological success.

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