Cruise Planning

July 2019 Announcements:

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Vessel Departure Time Announcement


Preparing for a seagoing expedition involves many months detailed planning, and successful research cruises are those that are planned early with an understanding of the main objectives of the cruise and a detailed understanding of which equipment or special food restrictions are required to be available during the cruise.

The first step in the process to use a Florida Institute of Oceanography (FIO) research vessel is reviewing the Charter Terms and Conditions (CTC). FIO Members need only to read the current CTC. Non-Members will need to fill out the form, sign and return it to FIO. If you are interested in vessels in the KML Vessel Fleet you will need to plan your visit to KML using their forms.

Charter Terms and Conditions (CTC)

The next step is submitting an FIO Cruise Plan. Cruise plans are due at least three weeks prior to you scheduled departure date. The cruise plan form and instructions are included below. The cruise plan uses drop down select boxes to minimize the manual data entry needed to complete the form. All the blue labeled fields in the Cruise Plan are filled in by FIO.

Cruise Plan Form with Cruise Summary (Excel)

Cruise Plan Instructions (PDF)



Please review the following resources to help make your selections:

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