The first FLRACEP Centers of Excellence were established in 2015 to conduct coastal fish and wildlife research. These are two-year awards designed to culminate in at least one peer reviewed journal publication.

FLRACEP awards

  • Examining fisheries impacts of invasive lionfish with an Ecopath with Ecosim model. University of Florida
  • Biological and economic indicators for assessing recreational fisheries. University of Miami
  • Improving products derived from monitoring data in ecosystem models of the Gulf of Mexico. University of Miami
  • Fishery-Independent Surveys of Reef Fish Community, Size, and Age Structure off Northwest Florida. Florida International University
  • Evaluating Fish Production and Ecosystem Impacts of Artificial Reefs. University of West Florida
  • Monitoring oil spill effects and recovery in large deep-sea fishes. Florida State University
  • Demonstration of Fisheries Assessment Applications for Underwater Gliders. University of South Florida
  • Ontogenetic Shifts in Sea Turtle Habitat Use and Foraging Ecology. University of Central Florida
  • Egg and larval barcoding for Gulf DEPM stock assessments. University of South Florida
  • Hardbottom Mapping and Community Characterization of the West-Central Florida Gulf Coast. Nova Southeastern University