Annual Liability Waivers required for each person coming on-site to KML. Copy of form will be furnished to PI (and Co-PI) once reservation is confirmed by KML staff.

To claim tax exemption, you MUST provide a State of Florida Tax Exempt Certificate (DR14) and the billing address provided must match the address on the Tax Certificate.
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Group Roster and Demographics

If you don't have group roster solidified at this time, please re-submit this form with group roster demographics when you do (prior to your arrival at KML)
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Please upload the name, gender (optional- for housing purposes), emergency contact name/number, and professional (faculty, researcher) or student (undergraduate, graduate, post-doc) level in MS Excel


For bench space and equipment needs

Please Note: All KML users are responsible for cleanup, dismantling, and proper disposal of any items used for their projects during their stay. Failure to do so will result in a staff time charges for cleanup and remove these items.



Forms required: -Boat Roster -Liability Waiver -Boating & Snorkeling Agreement
Please also fill out Boat Roster, Liability Waiver, and Snorkel Agreement if boat usage is requested
Please indicate how many times you intend on launching your vessel from KML docks


Forms Required: -Letter of Reciprocity (LOR) from home institution -Proof of medical insurance -Dive plan -Liability Waiver


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