KML COVID-19 Information

KML Fully Open (Phase III)

Forms and Information (updated 02/2022)

Please contact us regarding our practices for ensuring the health of our employees and visitors. Details will be provided at the time you make your reservation for our current policies regarding COVID-19 testing, masking, and social distancing. 
Please review the following information in anticipation of your visit to KML: 
  • All visitors must complete a COVID-19 Health Status Survey 24 hours before arriving on site at KML.
    • This form can be found linked below.
  • The group’s PI must complete a COVID-19 Illness Contingency Plan which is to be submitted for approval by KML staff before arriving on site at KML. All group members should read this plan and understanding corresponding steps/actions. 
    • This form can be found linked below.
  • All visitors will be asked to take daily temperature readings (digital thermometer provided on-site). 
  • All visitors should take the time to review the following: 
    • FIO’s Reopening Plan Summary.
    • FIO’s Operations, Actions, and Expectations.
    • Current CDC Guidelines for COVID-19.

COVID-19  Health Status Survey

COVID-19 Illness Contingency Plan

For the PDF versions of these forms click here


Monroe County Testing and Medical Facility Information

FIO Reopening Plan Summary

FIO Operations, Actions, and Expectations

Current CDC Guidelines for COVID-19