KML Covid-19 Information

KML Forms and Information (6/26/2020)


COVID-19  Health Status Survey– To be completed by every visitor to KML


COVID-19 FAQ KML Specific– For answers on FIO and KML’s plan to ensure personal safety for visitors and staff.

FIO Reopening Plan Summary– KML Operations, Actions, and Expectations

Testing and Medical Facility Information

Monroe County Ordinance – Face Coverings Required indoors in public county wide.

FIO’s Phased Re-opening Announcement (6/15/20):

FIO is committed to providing our staff and members of the science party with a safe and healthy environment. While no measures can be 100% effective, FIO and USF have worked with medical experts within USF and external partners to integrate and adapt guidance from the CDC, UNOLSs, the American Bureau of Shipping, and numerous other organizations and research vessel operators into a plan to mitigate COVID-19 risk at all FIO facilities. The guidelines provided will, with your cooperation and participation, greatly enhance our ability to complete critical research and student instructional activities safely.

See FIO’s Full Re-Opening Guidelines

FIO’s COVID-19 Operation FAQ’s