Funding needs

Both the dormitories and laboratories, as currently configured, create limitations which prevent maximizing their use, funding will improve the Keys Marine Laboratory's (KML) infrastructure & capabilities.

Since the inception of KML back in the late 1980's, the dormitories and laboratories have remained largely unchanged beyond some cosmetic improvements. Although the labs and dorms in their current configuration are still relatively functional, some twenty years of use by visiting groups has afforded us some important insights into more effective space utilization and flexibility.

Consequently, we need to reconfigure the existing space we have dedicated to dormitories in order to both improve flexibility and increase availability so we can accommodate as many visiting groups as possible during each field season. To do this, we will need to move bedrooms and bathrooms around so that smaller groups can more easily co-exist in the current dormitory space while still maintaining our capacity to merge this space as is necessary for larger groups. Such improvements will enable us to comfortably accommodate a broader number of groups at the same time. With the addition of more visitors to the dorms, use of our laboratories and seawater system will also increase. It is important that our laboratory spaces are flexible enough to accommodate diverse research and education groups of a variety of sizes. Consequently, we need to increase our wet and dry laboratory space in existing structures as well as in new facilities made possible by the recent reconstruction of the physical grounds (new seawall, etc.) after Hurricane Wilma.

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