Florida Institute of Technology

Founded at the dawn of the Space Race in 1958, Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) is a doctoral research university and the only independent, technological university in the Southeast. The mission of the College of Engineering's Department of Marine and Environmental Systems is to integrate oceanography, ocean engineering, environmental science, earth remote sensing, meteorology, and resource management into knowledge-based solutions to vital contemporary issues through education, research and service.

Florida Tech's Vero Beach Marine Laboratory is part of SAML, and the Ralph S. Evinrude Marine Operations Center has ocean access for the university's fleet of small boats; Florida Tech is a member of the American Academy of Underwater Scientists.

The university grants bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in oceanography, ocean engineering including naval architecture, meteorology, environmental science, earth remote sensing, coastal zone management and environmental resource management.

The Department of Marine and Environmental Systems is unique in that its interdisciplinary approach to science, engineering, and management through a diverse faculty and curriculum, is in a single academic unit. Offshore engineering is regularly taught among an array of supportive courses and research in physical oceanography, ocean engineering system design, computational fluid mechanics, and marine meteorology.

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