New College of Florida

New College of Florida (NCF) is an undergraduate public honors college with a primary focus on liberal arts undergraduate education. Faculty scholarship addresses a number of topics relevant to the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster and its potential impacts on the nearshore marine and coastal ecosystems of southwest Florida. These include: fish sensory physiology, invertebrate ecology and population dynamics, ecotoxicology, ecological assessment, biochemistry, marine mammal behavior and cognition, marine policy, mathematical modeling of biological systems, and fisheries management.

New College’s Pritzker Marine Biology Research Center is a member of the National Association of Marine Laboratories (NAML) and the regional Southern Association of Marine Laboratories (SAML). New College has special local expertise regarding the ecology, communities, and public policies of Sarasota Bay and the barrier islands and bays of southwest Florida.

The following units are key participants in the Oil Spill Academic Task Force:

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