FIO Block Award – GoMRI Year 1 Reports

Read the FIO Block Award – GRI Year 1 Reports. These final reports are from the 27 funded projects that involved 91 investigators and over 45 students and 15 post-doctoral research associates from over 30 institutions. These funds are part of the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI) Year 1 funds.

A Coordinated Modeling Approach in Support of Oil Spill Tracking (PDF)
R. Weisberg (USF), E. Chassignet (FSU), V. Kourafalou (U. Miami)

Acute Effects of Oil on Northern Gulf of Mexico Reefs and Reef Communities (PDF)
W. Paterson (UWF), C. Jagoe (FAMU)

Assessing Concentration and Molecular and Isotopic Composition of Deep-Sea Submerged Oils (PDF)
D. Hollander (USF)

Assessing Impacts of Oil Exposure to Deep Sea Ecosystems of the Gulf of Mexico (PDF)
M. Heithaus (FIU), J. Gelsleichter (UNF), M. Shivji (NSU)

Assessing the Impact of Oil Spill on Coastal Waters of FL Panhandle - Water, Sediment and Fish (PDF)
C. Jagoe (FAMU), R. Snyder (UWF), J. Cherrier (FAMU)

Assessing the Impact of the Oil Spill on Sediments and Benthic Communities (PDF)
D. Hollander (USF), P. T. Schwing (USF)

Assessment of Deepwater Fish Assemblages Continental Slope Waters Gulf of Mexico (PDF)
D. Grubbs (FSU), J. Gelsleichter (UNF)

Baseline and Oil Spil Impacted Marine Sponge Microbial Communities and Gene Expression Analysis with Metagenomics (PDF)
J. Lopez (NSU), R. Vega-Thurber (FIU), P. McCarthy (FAU/HBOI), P. Blackwelder (U. Miami), Marie Cuvelier (NSU)

Biodegradation of the Oil Spill in FL Marsh Ecosystems and Exploration of Novel Passive Remediation Strategies (PDF)
A. Zimmerman (UF), B. Silliman (UF)

Coast Watch - Remote sensing and verification sampling of oil spill impact on Florida Coast (PDF)
I. McDonald (FSU), R. Snyder (UWF)

Baseline For Impact Assessment of Zooplankton and Imaging Oil Droplet Detection On The West Florida Shelf (PDF)
K. Daly (USF)

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill- Assessing Impacts on a Critical Habitat, Oyster Reefs and Associated Species (PDF)
E. Proffitt (FAU), L. Coen, S. Geiger (FWC), D. Kimbro (FSU), H. Nance (FAU/HBOI), J. Weinstein (The Citadel)

Early Warning 4-D Remote Sensing System to Assess Synoptic Threats to Coastal Ecosystems (PDF)
F. Muller-Karger (USF) [D. Goldgof (USF), C. Hu (USF)], M. Roffer (ROFFS/FIT), L. Shay (U. Miami), C. Bostater (FIT), N. Melo (U. Miami), D. Fries (Bioplex Tech, LLC), S. Lohrenz (U. Southern Mississippi),  E. Johns (NOAA – AOML),

Edge et al Final Report FIO 2013 (PDF)
Sara Edge (FAU), Joshua Voss, Kate Semon, Rob Ruzicka, Tonya Shearer

Effect of BP Oil Spill on Diatos, Calcareous Nannoplankton and Related Protists (PDF)
S. W. Wise, Jr. (FSU), S. Blair (FSU), S. Foley (FSU), J. Putland (FSU), A. Shumnyk (FSU), C. Sjunneskog (FSU), A. Presad (FSU), L. Keller (FSU), M.J. Sullivan (MSU) J. Nienow (Valdosta State)

Effects of a Major Oil Spill on Nektonic Assemblages of Salt Marshes and Adjacent Sav Habitats(PDF)
R. Aronson (FIT)

Effects of Oil Spill on Epipelagic and Large Coastal Sharks and Teleosts (PDF)
R. Hueter (Mote Marine Lab)

Impact of Crude Oil and the Dispersant Corexit on 3 Key GOM Invertebrate Species (PDF)
S. Laramore (FAU/HBOI)

Impacts from MC252 Oil in Ecologically and Commercially Important Plankton of the GOM (PDF)
D. Rumbold (FGCU)

Impacts of 2010 Oil Spill on Estuarine Bottlenose Dolphin Populations in the West FL Panhandle (PDF)
G. Worthy (UCF) [S. Shippee (UCF)], R. Wells (Mote Marine Lab), S. Martin (FWRI/FWC)

Integrative Biodiversity Assessment of Coral-Sponge Communities (PDF)
G. Paulay (UF)

Resolving Chemical Properties and Extent of Crude Oil Dispersant Distribution in the Oil Spill (PDF)
R. Zika (U. Miami), D. Reimer (U. Miami)

Toxicity of Deepwater Horizon Oil and Dispersants on Florida's Reef Biota (PDF)
P. Hallock-Muller (USF), J. Torres (USF)

Tracing the Intrusion of the GOM-2010 Oil Spill on Food Webs with Natural Abundance Radiocarbon and Stable Isotopes (PDF)
J. Cherrier (FAMU), J. Chanton (FSU)

Trophic Dynamics and Ecosystem Changes within the SE FL Coastal Pelagic Fish Community (PDF)
D. Kerstetter (NSU), J. Gelsleichter (UNF)

Uncoupling the Autotrophy and Heterotrophy- Effects of Oil Spill on Microbial Food Webs (PDF)
W. Jeffrey (UWF), A. Chauhan (FAMU), J. Cherrier (FAMU)