R/V Price

Photo of the boat RV Price

Research Vessel (R/V) Price, donated to FIO by the USF College of Marine Science, has logged hundreds of hours conducting sub-bottom profiling and multi-beam mapping. Named after W. Armstrong Price, the father of modern coastal geology, the C-Hawk is available for charter to support nearshore marine research and educational needs.

The R/V Price is equipped with a four stroke 225 HP Suzuki, shallow draft (12 inch), a 3KW 110 V Generator, interior dry computer space, pole-mounts on port and bow, a davit capable of hoisting up to 500 pounds, and is outfitted to support up to six divers. The Price’s daily range is approximately 100 miles with no overnight accommodations and will be operated by a dedicated captain with the ability to be trailered to any destination in Florida with a descent boat ramp.

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