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The Florida Institute of Oceanography operates two vessels that are utilized by member institutions and the wider marine science community to further scientific research on the Gulf of Mexico, its ecology, marine life and sustainability. The information gleaned from the studies assist in monitoring not only the Gulf of Mexico, but also the world’s deepwater and coastal oceans and many facets of marine life.

The R/V Price

The R/V Price, donated to FIO by the USF College of Marine Science, has logged hundreds of hours conducting sub-bottom profiling and multi-beam mapping. Read more about the The R/V Price. Read more about the The R/V Price

The R/V Bellows

This 71-foot vessel, has been utilized by scientists and students for more than three decades to study Florida’s estuaries and coastlines. It is considered a floating laboratory, and has 10 berths for scientists. Read more about the The R/V Bellows

The R/V W. T. Hogarth

This is the latest vessel in the FIO fleet, a 78-foot vessel she was christened May 23, 2017. “The R/V W.T. Hogarth will be a welcomed addition to FIO’s fleet that will provide exciting new technical capabilities to enable world-class research and educational opportunities that helps Florida understand and preserve its critical marine environment,” said FIO Director Philip Kramer. -- Tampa Bay Newswire. Read more about the The R/V W. T. Hogarth

The R/V Weatherbird II

This vessel is the flagship of the fleet at 115-foot and 194-tons. It is equipped with an array of advanced scientific technology, including laboratories, sensors and probes that assist scientists and researchers in monitoring the ocean’s biological, chemical, geological and physical characteristics. Learn more about the The R/V Weatherbird II

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