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KML Long Sleeve Shirt
KML Long-Sleeve Shirt
KML Rash Guard
KML Rash Guard
KML Bucket Hat
KML Bucket Hat

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KML Donations

Donating to the Keys Marine Laboratory General Fund (hosted by the USF Foundation) helps us maintain and improve critical infrastructure to meet the changing demands of education, research, and reef restoration.

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Minimum Donation Levels

$20.00 receive (1) Short Sleeve Blue T-Shirt or (1) KML Ball Cap or (1) KML Beanie

$25.00 receive (1) Long Sleeve White T-Shirt or (1) KML Safari Hat

$35.00 receive (1) Long Sleeve Blue Rash Guard

After completing your donation, click on the “KML Apparel Gift Order Form” above and follow the directions to receive your gift!

Contact us with any questions about your donation.