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The KML Administrative building.

Institutional Affiliations

The Keys Marine Laboratory (KML) is a full-service marine field station strategically located in the middle of the Florida Keys Island Chain and surrounded by the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, located on Long Key in the city of Layton, FL. The facility is operated by Florida Institute of Oceanography (FIO), a consortium of 33 universities, institutions, and state agencies which includes the State University System of Florida (SUS), and is hosted by the University of South Florida (USF). KML was established in 1987 as a biological field laboratory through a conservation land lease with the State of Florida to serve undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and researchers from the state, national and international scientific communities. KML, through FIO, is a member of the National Association of Marine Laboratories (NAML), Southern Association of Marine Laboratories (SAML), and the Association of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean (AMLC).

KML Team

The Keys Marine Lab has 7 full time staff including administrative, science, and maintenance positions. 

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Strategic Plan

KML has made considerable progress on improvements to infrastructure . We are excited to share our plans for the facilities and programs available at the Keys Marine Laboratory.

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KML History

KML was founded in 1991 when it was established as a Marine Research Station by the State University System of Florida  KML grounds and facilities along with the island of Long Key have a storied and rich history. From pre-WWII fish camps, to recreational marinas, and even as a Sea world public attraction. 

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KML Future

KML has a vision to create a satellite campus destination that supports academic, science, and community engagement by offering a storm-hardened, resilient and sustainable, pre-eminent marine field station that serves the local, state, regional, and international scientific communities.

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