KML Services

The Keys Marine Laboratory offers many services to our users in addition to the infrastructure the lab provides. The KML Science Staff are all experienced USCG captains and AAUS scientific divers with decades of experience between them, on and under the waters of the Florida Keys. We are excited to help you plan and execute your next field project or education course.  From helping you choose the best sites to find what you’re looking for, collecting the specimens you need, or by providing a trained set of assisting hands on or under the water, we are here to facilitate your next project or class. Check out our services below and contact us to see how we can assist you.  

KML Diving

Diving and Snorkeling

Check here for information on KML diving and snorkeling services and protocols.

KML nearby coral reef sites

Nearby Habitats

Check out the many different habitats that surround the Lab. 

KML Weather Station

KML Weather Station

Want to double-check the weather before your visit? KML has an on-site weather station that allows you to see local conditions in real-time. 

KML Diving Collecting Lionfish

Specimen Collections

Need specimens for your lab? Can’t make it down? KML Staff can collect them for you. 

KML Living Lab

Living Laboratory

KML is proud to offer the Living Laboratory, a long running, student led, benthic ecology site survey. A tried and tested marine field research training tool and the perfect addition to your next course.