KML Reservations

Step 1: Contact KML – Initial Inquiry

Please call, email, or fill out the form below to contact our Operations Manager, Lisa Tipsword, with a brief description of your course or project, expected group totals, and your primary and backup dates. 

KML Preliminary Reservation Request Form

Please know that completing this form does not automatically schedule your booking. Our team will touch base with you after form submission to confirm availability. 

Check KML Rates & Forms page for current information.

Due to COVID-19  capacity restrictions resulting in scheduling challenges, please allow time for processing scheduling requests. Thank you for your patience. If this is a time sensitive request please contact Lisa Tipsword by phone. 

Step 2: Facilities Use Request Form (FURF)

The FURF provides KML with all the necessary information to finalize your reservation.

Please call first to determine availability.

Once scheduled you will receive a link to the online KML FURF.  

Step 3: Liability Release Waivers

Liability Release Waivers are required for all KML visitors.

Please complete, sign, and submit.

One for each group member. 

Download release waiver form

Step 4: COVID-19 Forms and Information

KML is operating under COVID19 restrictions check below for up-to-date information on COVID-19 procedures, guidelines, and forms.

Please contact us regarding our practices for ensuring the health of our employees and visitors. Details will be provided at the time you make your reservation for our current policies regarding COVID-19 testing, masking, and social distancing.

All visitors are required to fill out a Health Status Survey within 24 hours of arrival.

PI’s or Group Leaders are required to submit a Covid-19 Illness Contingency Plan for approval before arrival.  

Download a PDF version of these forms here.

KML COVID-19 Information

Additional Forms and Information

What services will you require at KML?

KML NSF Seawater System

KML Seawater Systems

Will your group need to reserve space in KML’s seawater system?

Submission of a Seawater Use Request Form (SURF) is required in order to request space in our seawater system at KML.

Questions? Contact our Seawater Systems Manager, Emily Becker.

Scuba Diver inspecting bleached coral

SCUBA Diving

All KML Dive operations are performed under AAUS Diving regulations and require the below supporting documents for Diving reciprocity.

Please submit forms all together and 10 business days before arrival to allow for processing.

Per Group:

1) Dive Plan Approval Form

Per Diver:

2) AAUS Letter of Reciprocity (LORS)

3) Proof of Insurance ( Workers comp, DAN, etc)

Questions? Contact our DSO, Bill Ferrell.

KML Research Vessel Mola Mola by the Tennesse Lighthouse

Boating and Snorkeling

Will your group be boating or snorkeling with us?

Please complete and submit all below:

1) Boat Roster

2) Snorkeling & Boating Agreement 

Check out our link below for more Information on snorkeling with KML.

Questions? Contact us!

KML Diving Collecting Lionfish

Specimen Collections

Would you like to have KML staff collect specimens for you?

Check out our Specimen Collections page below for more information. 

Please complete and submit a Collections Request Form.

Questions? Contact us!

Huettel FSU 2015 Instruments

Permits and IACUC

Will your group be conducting operations or collections that require permits or IACUC approval?

There are multiple permitting agencies that control the marine and terrestrial resources and areas around KML.

We are here to help!

Check out our Permitting and IACUC Information page below for more details.

Questions? Contact our IACUC and Permitting Coordinator, Nicole Charnock.

KML's two 25ft Parkers are excellent work platforms for small to medium size research or education groups.

Vessel Self-Captain

KML vessels are typically captained by skilled and knowledgeable science staff.  Would you like to self-captain a KML vessel for your own small research group?

Check out the forms below for more information.

1) Self-Captain Boating Policy

2) Self-Captain Agreement

3) Vessel Check-Out

Questions? Contact us