KML Weather Station

KML Weather Station
KML Weather Station

Planning and performing field-based work within the Florida Keys requires an insightful eye when it comes to weather.

In order to help our collaborators, visiting scientists and student groups get a better understanding of what current conditions look like we installed a weather station directly on property. This station allows us to pull real-time data on local weather forecasts, temperature, wind direction, wind speed, and even barometric pressure.

KML staff can also use this station to double-check conditions, adjust plans as needed, and most importantly ensure the safety of all scheduled activities.

View data from our KML weather station .

Looking to view this information while on the go?

  1. Download the Davis Instruments App for your phone
  2. Create a user login (free)
  3. In the top left corner of the home screen, click on the “+”
  4. Enter KML as the “Station Name”
  5. Click on the KML weather station

Other Weather Resources

For further information on wind / weather conditions: WindfinderWind Guru, and NOAA NDBC.