ROV Taurus

4,000-meter depth rated Remotely Operated Vehicle

ROV Taurus deployment through the RV Western Flyer's Moon Pool during ROV Taurus Media Day

About ROV Taurus

The ROV Taurus is an integral asset of the R/V Western Flyer and is designed to explore and conduct critical science missions throughout the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and western Northern Atlantic. Launched through the Western Flyer’s moon pool, an opening in the hull that allows scientists to deploy the ROV, Taurus is used to livestream 4K-quality video, data, and shipboard activities using remote science technologies, with the goal of allowing people on land and on board the vessel to cooperatively conduct research in real time. 

Designed and operated by Pelagic Research Services, ROV Taurus is equipped with a variety of scientific technology, including manipulator arms that are able to interact with the underwater environment. It also has sample and sediment collection capabilities and will be utilized by FIO’s Peerside Program.


General Specs

Depth Capability: 4,000 Meters (or 2.5 miles) 

Size: 93.125″L x 55″W x 84″H 

Weight: 3,500 – 4,200lbs (weight in air, depending on configuration) 

Payload: 150 – 250lbs 

Propulsion: Seven hydraulic thrusters powered by 18.6Kw (25HP), 2,000 PSI hydraulic system 

Manipulators: Schilling Orion 7P Manipulators 

Video: 4K Insite Pacific Mini Zeus on dedicated fiber. 2 Imenco Dusky Shark parallel green lasers (10cm spacing). 4 Analog Deep Sea Power and Light (DSPL) Cameras. 2 IP HD DSPL Multi SeaCams 

Lighting: 5 DSPL LED 90CRI High Output SeaLites (9600 Lumens each). 3 DSPL LED 70CRI High Output SeaLites (13000 Lumens each) 

Data: 4 spare RS232 channels at J-boxes. 2 spare RS485 channels at J-boxes. 2GB Ethernet connections at Main Bottle 

Inertial Navigation Systems (INS): iXblue Rovins Nano

Doppler Velocity Log: Nortek DVL1000 – 6000m (connected to the INS) 

Sonar: Tritech Super SeaKing DST, dual frequency (325 and 675kHz), range 0.4 – 300M 

Pressure Sensor: Paroscientific Digiquartz pressure transducer

Power: 24VDC at junction boxes for spare RS232 and RS485 channels 


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