Seawater Systems, Shallows, & Wet Lab

The Keys Marine Laboratory offers a state-of-the-art Well Seawater System with the ability to control temperature and manipulate pH in a variety of flow-through tanks and tables. Water from the well is circulated through a degassing tower and sand filtration system, to holding tanks. Seawater tanks and tables in our three seawater systems range from 45-gal to 1000-gal. System effluent is UV-sterilized before returning to Florida Bay.

The Wet Lab System is currently closed for major upgrades and renovations. Estimated project completion of Spring 2025. Check out our Facebook page for updates on the project. The Shallows, a huge, flow-thru seawater mesocosm with a 220,000 gallon capacity and a maximum depth of 3 ft., remain open in the meantime.    

Please contact our Seawater Systems Manager, Emily Becker, with any questions you may have about the laboratory seawater system, tank configurations, and pricing. See KML Rates, Forms, and Information page for Seawater Use Request Form (SURF) in addition to submitting your Facility Use Request Form (FURF) to reserve space. If your project requires use of the Shallows, contact KML directly to discuss.

Learn more about the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Coral Reef Restoration Seawater System here.