KML Diving Collections-Lionfish

Collecting live specimens is an important and often difficult aspect of many research projects carried out in a laboratory setting. Keys Marine Laboratory staff can collect marine specimens for researchers, hold the collected organisms for pick-up and transfer to an investigator’s home institution, or ship them via Federal Express throughout the United States. A  FURF and Collection Request Form must be filled out and a copy of all necessary permits must be on file at KML before any specimens can be collected or shipped. Acquiring any necessary permits is the responsibility of the researcher. Please contact KML to discuss your collection needs before submitting any forms. Also refer to Guidlines for Sampling & Collecting in the Florida Keys. All necessary documents can be found on the FORMS page of this website.IACUC protocols for all vertebrate research and education at KML: Research and education groups at KML are required to provide their approved IACUC Plan from their home institution for KML/FIO review and approval. These plans must be received 45 business days prior to your arrival to allow adequate time for our review process. As KML transitions to the policies and procedures of the host institution, we appreciate your cooperation with this new KML/FIO policy. We, both KML and FIO, are required to review and approve your approved IACUC plan from your home institution.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.  We want to make sure you can conduct your research or class to your satisfaction.

Permits & Licenses – Collection of live specimens by visiting researchers or KML staff for shipping may require a special permit or license from one or more of the following agencies: