Andrea Balbas


Andrea Balbas

California State University Long Beach, CA

About Me:

I am a passionate educator and mentor who focuses on engaging all students in class and believe that science is strongest when a diverse set of minds work together to solve problems. I have worked with various committees and groups to bring STEM opportunities to students from all backgrounds.

As a scientist, I am captivated by the stories told by rocks, and I specialize in determining the formation age of geologic materials. My research has focused on determining the timing and duration of geomagnetic field fluctuations, the past rate of cosmic radiation, and the timing of megaflood events. More recently, I have focused on determining the origin of ancient volcanos in the Pacific Ocean. To collect these ancient volcanic rocks, my students and I participate in remotely-operated submersible expeditions that explore the deep flanks of seamounts to categorize the geology and biological communities.

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