Zara Mirmalek, Peerside Staff


Zara Mirmalek

Bay Area Environmental Research Institute/NASA Ames Research Center

About Me:

I work at the intersection of social science, structure and cultural applied research for the purpose of contributing to projects, within public organizations, intending to create new knowledge about the world. As a work ethnographer I focus on human-technology relationships and use a critical lens to examine operational assumptions about people, tools, structural organization of work, and communication. In the past two decades that I have worked in institutions that produce space exploration, ocean exploration, education, science, and air transportation. Public schooled in Oakland, California, graduated from California State Univ. East Bay (MPA), Univ. California San Diego (PhD), Post-doc’ed at MIT and Harvard. Building on previous research and applied research on what constitutes an apparatus for telepresence and for whom, with Peerside I am working to build a socio-technical infrastructure that is reproduceable and broadens access with and for remote science.

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