Requests for Proposals IV


As billions of dollars have been invested in Gulf-wide coastal restoration efforts since the Deepwater Horizon Oil spill, there is a need to understand their ecological, economic, and social impacts, so that we can collectively learn from their successes and failures, and prepare for the next 30+ years of restoration projects.In July 2022 FLRACEP announced its fourth request for proposals to fill gaps in our understanding of the impacts of restoration projects and pledged $2 million to establish 2-3 Centers of Excellence.

Three Centers of Excellence were selected with projects to begin in spring 2023.

Research Projects

“Estimating combined effects of FL TIG restoration projects in Florida using an end-to-end ecosystem model.”

P.I. Dr. Cameron Ainsworth, University of South Florida (USF), will work with a stakeholder group to utilize a Gulf of Mexico ecosystem model to determine the efficacy and combined effects of the Florida Trustee Implementation Group’s (FL TIG) restoration projects and inform future work.

Co-investigator(s): Dr. Chris Stallings, USF

“Assessing restoration success and ecosystem services across the Panhandle Region to assist in restoration target setting”

P.I. Dr. Jessica Graham, St. Andrew and St. Joseph Bays Estuary Program at Florida State University Panama City, will lead a team of researchers and practitioners to assess the success, economic impact, and ecosystem services provided by living shorelines in the Panhandle Region to assist in restoration target setting.

“Evaluation of past Florida Gulf Coast mangrove restorations as a basis for future restoration success and resiliency.”

P.I. Dr. Brad Rosenheim, USF, will lead a project to evaluate natural and restored Gulf coast mangroves to determine the resilience and success of restored systems on a decadal time scale, including measuring carbon capture, to improve future restoration practices by partners at Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and TerraCarbon LLC.

Co-Investigators:  Isabel C. Romero and Joseph Smoak, USF; Josh Breithaupt, FSU; Kara Radabaugh, Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute

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