Florida Coastal Mapping Program

The Florida Coastal Mapping Program (FCMaP)

The Florida Coastal Mapping Program (FCMaP) is an initiative between Federal and Florida State agencies and institutions to coordinate and facilitate the collection and accessibility of Florida coastal seafloor data in order to fill priority areas and gaps. FCMaP is affiliated with the Florida Institute of Oceanography (FIO) whose activities are guided by the FCMaP Science and Technical Advisory Council (STAC).

Vision Statement

“Accessible, high resolution seafloor data of Florida’s coastal waters to support infrastructure, habitat mapping, restoration projects, resource management, emergency response, and coastal resiliency and hazard studies for the citizens of Florida.”

Regional Coordination

It is the intention of FCMaP and the STAC to coordinate and collaborate with Gulf and U.S. East Coast state, regional and federal partners with the goal to provide a consistent perspective on coastal mapping efforts and needs beyond Florida. We welcome opportunities for our efforts to serve as examples for regional approaches.

Program Information
Data & Reports

2022 Florida Coastal Mapping Summit: November 30 – December 1, 2022.

Multibeam Course 81: January 2-7, 2023