Sponsored Ship Time

*For nearly four decades, FIO has provided faculty from member institutions the opportunity to bring students on research vessels through its Sponsored Shiptime program.*

Fiscal Year 2021/2022 Request for Proposals (closed)

The State University System FIO-sponsored Shiptime Program heavily subsidizes the cost of our vessels’ daily rate, allowing students to participate in research and educational activities in the field.  For many students, a research cruise is their first opportunity to be on-board a working vessel. In addition to ship-time, support for research and educational programs in nearshore environments are also subsidized for FIO’s Keys Marine Laboratory (KML) in Long Key.  FIO strives to fund the maximum number of ship and lab days as the budget allows.  The awarding of funded days based on the proposals we receive is determined after the fiscal year budget (for the upcoming year) is finalized.

Sponsored Shiptime is awarded through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process that is issued in January.  Submission deadline for proposals typically occurs in mid-March.  Faculty members from FIO member institutions must submit a formal proposal that includes the identification of the teaching (or educational research) activities involved, the number of days requested (including transit), the preferred cruise dates, the signature of the Principal Investigator submitting the proposal, and the signature of the appropriate university administrator. Proposals are reviewed by the FIO Ships Committee and ranked based on metrics developed by the committee.  A description of the metrics used for the proposal review process is enclosed in the RFP.

All funded ship time proposals require a 10% match from the member institution receiving the grant. The match rate will be based on the fiscal year rate for the R/V Hogarth  (currently $6,700/day) and the R/V Weatherbird II (currently $11,000/day).  For KML proposals, the facility’s rate calculator is used to estimate total costs. Funded proposals will be subject to all incidental costs related to cruises including, but not limited to: Port fees, cleaning charges, incidentals, etc.

Priority is given to proposals that clearly support the teaching and educational research mission of FIO and the Florida Department of Education.

To review all the parameters of ship time proposals, please see the FIO Shiptime RFP (PDF) document.

Sample Proposal Summary Template (PDF) 

Subsidized Ship Time for the Florida Institute of Oceanography (FIO) by Fiscal Year

The Florida Institute of Oceanography (FIO) awards several sponsored ship days to member institutions each year.

2021/22 Fiscal Year

FIO received 25 proposals for approximately 116 days

2020/21 Fiscal Year*

*Canceled due to COVID-19

2019/20 Fiscal Year
2018/19 Fiscal Year

FIO received 27 proposals for approximately 148 ship days.

2017/18 Fiscal Year

FIO received 23 proposals for approximately 100 ship days.

2016/17 Fiscal Year

FIO awarded the equivalent of 74.5 subsidized ship days to 11 member institutions.

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