Shawn Denman, Marine Operations Specialist

Shawn Denman

Marine Operations Specialist

Experience: 15 years
Specialization: Vessel and warehouse operations.

About Me

Shawn Denman, Marine Operations Specialist, holds a USCG Captains License and is the captain of the R/V Price. Shawn joined FIO in 2017 and is also responsible for vessel operations, purchasing, repairs, and modifications. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from St. Petersburg College and is originally from the St. Pete area. In addition to being a Navy Veteran, Shawn is scuba certified and has experience in his diverse career as a Survey Scuba Diver, Seagrass diver, a research assistant with fisheries for the University of Florida and has even worked on the F-35 Stealth Fighter. In his free time, Shawn enjoys camping, hiking, and surfing.