Florida Institute of Oceanography

  • Who We Are

    Who We Are

    FIO is a State University System of Florida Academic Infrastructure Support Organization, established by the Board of Governors. Our host institution is the University
    of South Florida. We are a consortium of Florida’s marine science research and education institutions and we operate two Research Vessels and the Keys Marine Lab.

  • R/V Weatherbird II

    R/V Weatherbird II

    This 115ft general purpose coastal ocean Research Vessel has been operated by FIO since 2008. The home port is St. Petersburg, Florida. It carries a crew of 7 and a
    scientific party of 13 to support a broad range of research and education programs and was one of the vessels used in data collection immediately after the oil spill in 2010.

  • R/V Bellows

    R/V Bellows

    This 71ft shallow draft coastal Research Vessel operates mainly in estuarine and near-shore waters. The home port is St. Petersburg, Florida. It carries a crew of 4,
    a science party of 10, and is the primary vessel supporting educational cruises. Over 10,000 students had their first sea-going experience and career training on this vessel.

  • Keys Marine Laboratory

    Keys Marine Laboratory

    The Keys Marine Laboratory, situated right in the middle of the Florida Keys, is a platform that provides unique opportunities for short and long term field and laboratory experiences and research for undergraduate and graduate students and academic and non-academic scientists.

  • Research


    Our mission is to facilitate, promote, and support collaborative ocean-related research. Our members study environmental issues of importance to Florida such as oil and
    dispersant impacts on the Gulf ecosystem, hurricanes, corals, and red tide. FIO played a key role in Florida’s scientific response to the BP Oil Spill in 2010.

  • Education


    For over 40 years the FIO has provided marine field experience for tens of thousands of students from Florida and beyond, inspiring many of them to continue a career
    in a STEM field. Over 40 are now marine science professors in Florida’s educational institutions, passing on their knowledge to new generations.

  • News and Events

    News and Events

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  • Meet our Members

    Meet our Members

    FIO has 27 members institutions from all parts of the state. These include academic institutions, government agencies, non-profit institutions, and for-profit institutions.

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