Grants and Funded Research Projects

Requests for Proposals IV

A request for proposals focused on restoration impact science was announced in July 2022. Three Centers of Excellence were established with over $2.8 million to support research beginning in the spring of 2023. The projects will focus on the impacts of restoration work along the Florida Gulf coast, with an end-user collaborator as an integral part of the project team to ensure the research’s applicability to future restoration efforts.

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Requests for Proposals III.5

The West Florida mapping project was re-developed into a new RFP (III.5) in November 2019 in order to refine the goals to include framework development and a Gulf-wide focus. A single Center of Excellence was awarded to develop this framework.

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Requests for Proposals III

RFP III was announced in January 2019 for $2 million in Centers of Excellence grants across three RA disciplines. As in prior RFPs, disciplines 2 and 5 were eligible, with the addition of RA 1 (Coastal and deltaic sustainability, restoration, and protection, including solutions and technology that allow citizens to live in a safe and sustainable manner in a coastal delta in the Gulf Coast Region).

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Requests for Proposals II

Announced in 2016, RFP II focused on funding one Center of Excellence grant for a collaborative effort between researchers, managers, fishing stakeholders, and a non-profit that addressed RA discipline 5. The PMT refined the goal to prioritize activities contributing to marine fisheries management in order to complement RFP I and target limited program resources.

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Requests for Proposals I

RFP I was released in February 2015 to address coastal fisheries, and wildlife ecosystem research and monitoring in the Gulf Coast Region.

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