Below is a list of the most current KML forms, arranged by category. PDF’s can be opened, filled out, and saved using the free Acrobat reader available here.

Email completed forms to the Operations Manager, Lisa Tipsword,

Price list, rate calculator, and welcome documents

Facilities Use Request Form (FURF)– fillable PDF  ver 2017

  • This form is necessary for all KML bookings
  • FURF Group List – names of all members in your group

Seawater Use Request Form (SURF) – fillable PDF ver 2018.09.01

  • This form is necessary for ALL KML Seawater Systems use
  • See KML Rate Sheet & Rate Calculator for prices
  • Please refer to Seawater Use Guidelines

KML COVID-19 Forms and Information (6/26/2020)


COVID-19  Health Status Survey– To be completed by every visitor to KML


COVID-19 FAQ KML Specific– For answers on FIO and KML’s plan to ensure personal safety for visitors and staff.

FIO Reopening Plan Summary– KML Operations, Actions, and Expectations

Testing and Medical Facility Information

Monroe County Ordinance – Face Coverings Required indoors in public county wide.

Education, Research & Specimen Collections

You are responsible for providing all necessary permits and special activities licenses for any and all education, research, & specimen collections. IACUC protocols for all vertebrate research and education projects: Research and education groups at KML are required to provide their approved IACUC Plan from their home institution for KML/FIO/USF review and approval. These plans must be received 45 business days prior to your arrival to allow adequate time for our review process.

Snorkel (free diving) & Boat Trips at KML

Gear Decontamination Protocols

Florida Reef Tract Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease information and updates can be found at the Florida Keys National Marine Sactuary website

Download decontamination protocols here

Diving at KML

Remember that all forms must be completed in full and submitted to KML DSO for review and approval before you arrive at the lab.


Forms: must be received 14 business days prior to diving

Self-captained vessels